Four Benefits of Telehealth

Modern medical technology has evolved to where some health related services and information can be provided through methods of telecommunication. Medical professionals may use this technology for patient related discussions. More extensive use is also possible whereas a physician can perform a procedure with other physicians via telephone or other method of communication. Almost every medical facility will use communications technology as part of their everyday routine. Using these methods of communication in the health-care industry is known as telemonitoring. Here is how this concept is beneficial.

Doctors and nurse practitioners across the globe use electronic communications to perform tasks such as prescriptions to drug stores, communicate with other medical professionals or provide health information to patients. This is beneficial for the medical professionals and their patients. Email communications are much faster than sending information via snail mail. This also enables patients to access the information via almost any mobile device or computer as long as an internet connection is available.

Another one of telehealth benefits is the fact that technology can be used to monitor the condition of patients that are undergoing treatment. This is often used for patients who are being treated with clinical trials. It enables their physician to monitor their condition, progress and assist them through a crisis situation. This is known as telemonitoring. Some people debate the significance of this concept but studies have shown it has reduced the mortality rate of patients.


Electronic transmission of test results such as blood work or x-rays is another prime benefit of telemedicine and telehealth. These communications can be sent to other medical professionals or patients. Some health issues can be difficult to diagnose. This may require the knowledge of several health experts. The ability to communicate results and findings in an electronic fashion adds clarity.

Using modern telecommunications technology comes with many other benefits. The ability for overall health-care system management is the most comprehensive benefit. This enables medical professionals to share information with other facilities. This saves time and assists these professionals in providing faster service and treatment for patients. Telecommunications technology helps improve the level of care.

You can find more information about this communications concept by visiting myNEXUS online. Health-care communications solutions and modern technology have now enabled medical facilities to save money on overhead. This allows them to pass those savings on to patients. The concept is financially proven, expedites the ability to provide treatment and has now become one of the most important types of technology used by medical facilities.


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